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At QuickHIT, we are aware of the multitude of everyday challenges: 

Busy moms vie for five minutes of personal time, let alone an hour at the gym three times a week. 
Professionals already have the majority of their hours spoken for and need to use the rest of their time attending to home and family matters. 

Senior adults experience the ache of their joints in normal activities, making each day more difficult to function.

We know these things because we have wrestled with them ourselves in our own lives and in our families. We firmly believe we should not have to sacrifice our wellness, our families, or our careers in the name of fitness. This belief led us on a journey that came to a head in Europe.

As we toured Europe, we noticed something unique about their football club athletes. They used a unique machine that could accomplish for the athletes in 20 minutes a week what many aspire to in several, hour-long sessions in a gym. Further, we observed that the low injury rate of these athletes rivaled that of those involved in other modern exercise regimens. 

We left Europe with a question: “What if we could build a machine that could work the entire body in the safest way possible while achieving fitness goals?” That one idea birthed a national movement that we call “QuickHIT Fitness Labs.” Now, we are thrilled to incarnate this idea in several cities across the United States! And we just keep growing.

So, we invite you to be apart of a movement. A movement that takes your fitness seriously to the benefit of your overall wellness, your family, and your career - not to their detriment. We offer you a personalized approach to exercise in the safest way possible through one-on-one sessions with our expert trainers using our Robotically Controlled Resistance™ equipment.

Careful thought was put into engineering this machine in order to pinpoint maximum lean muscle growth while drastically decreasing chances of injury. Whether you are new to exercise, have previously suffered an injury, or are an experienced athlete, this machine will adapt to your body and capabilities!

Mike Brehm

Mike and his wife Amy live in the Forest Hills school district. Their daughters, Josie (19) and Mallorie (16) are avid dancers and compete for the Michigan State University Elite Dance Team and the Forest Hills Eastern Dance Team respectively. Their family is busy with four dogs, two cats, and they cherish the  Northern Michigan summer

Mike Brehm
Hituni Certified Professional

J. Costen

J. and Lisa Costen live in Grandville and enjoy watching their daughter Mia (14) play volleyball.   They have  rescue 2 dogs and some of their favorite activities include golf, skiing and boating  on Lake Michigan. 

Hituni Certified Professional

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